IoTCon in Munich: Impressions from Day 2

In my last post I shared my impressions from the first day of the Internet-of-Things conference in Munich. Here is the write-up of day 2 which covers a low-cost smart home, Docker for Internet-of-Things running on ARM (Raspberry Pi’s), introduction to Web Bluetooth and a comparison …

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IoTCon in Munich: Impressions from Day 1

Munich is always worth a trip and you can get there from Zurich easily by train or coach. This time my employer Netcetera let me visit the Internet-of-Things conference to scout what is going on in the IoT field in Germany (and elsewhere). Here are …

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ESP8266 Programming Basics

In this post we will have a look at the building blocks of an Arduino sketch. This will help you to build your own sketch quickly. The post covers the serial console, digitalRead and digitalWrite, interrupts, analogRead and finally WiFi, http and https.